The multi-functional tool to take the stress

Be perfectly organised and ready for anything!

awenko:360 is a tool that gives you an all-round view of your company. It combines quality management (QMS), process management (BPM), quality assurance (CAQ), production control (MES) and countless other features in a single system.
It is fast, easy to use and adapts flexibly to your own industry and requirements. The versatile management tool benefits from 25 years of practical industry experiences: made by professionals for professionals!

Making our clients’ work easier has always been our goal. awenko:360 uses digital processes,
flexible adaptability and individual content to achieve just that.

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Your personal awenko:360 user account

You need an awenko:360 user account to use the awenko:360 app. We are happy to advise you and show you exactly how awenko:360 will make your daily work faster, easier and more efficient.

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What else can be done withawenko:360?

  • digital forms

  • scheduler, reminder, escalation

  • interactive user manual

  • coordinate divisions, teams, branches and staff

  • glass and hard-plastic register

  • test equipment register

  • observe maintenance periods

  • train and instruct staff

  • carry out internal audits