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Yes. You can easily set up, modify and copy new forms and check lists with your own content.
Yes. Yes. awenko:360 comes with a clearly structured system of roles and rights. You can assign the appropriate rights to every single user. If users change, use the role function to allocate rights to a position. This right can apply to a location or specific task, too.
Yes. You can carry out all tasks offline with the app. It is available for iOS and Android devices. You can also use it to open new forms and create new tasks.
Yes. With the mobile or web app, multiple people can edit forms and check lists. If you synchronise the app while working, the entries from the other users will be visible on the form immediately. awenko:360 Office displays every value alongside the user who entered it. It never overwrites entries. Instead, new entries are documented and stored in their corresponding task.
Yes. You can weight the answers in a check list as needed. Each answer is assigned a score. The system always outputs the total score right away. Depending on your individual evaluation scale, you can view an instant result for the complete form.
Yes. You can have all forms sent to the users automatically and specify in advance who should receive which form in which state of modification.
Yes. You can print all forms individually or as an overview.
Yes. awenko:360 features an Excel interface. It allows you to transfer all data from your forms and check lists to Excel effortlessly.
Yes. You can create any form as a planned task with a schedule. The interval is freely adjustable: several times a day, for instance, or once every few years.
Yes. You can easily assign any form to different rooms, locations, schedules or individuals.
Yes. Simply specify in awenko:360 which user needs to receive which information by email. Notifications can include faults, new tasks, task modifications and erroneous values.
Yes. Yes. You can add photographs, text comments and audio messages to any question and any task.
Yes. With awenko:360, you can carry out all sorts of employee training events effortlessly. Plan the course, query its success and save all results in a secure, clearly structured format. Nobody will forget another training session again, be it on staff hygiene, product hygiene or safety instructions.

You can upload all training materials in any format, including photographs and videos. Once your employees have completed their tests, you can use the weighted forms to evaluate their success rates.

awenko:360 securely stores all documents to give you easy access to them at any time.

Yes. Dafür hat awenko:360 die Funktion “Externe Formulare”. Damit senden Sie Formulare an Lieferanten und Dienstleister. Senden Sie zum Beispiel Fragebögen als Sammelaufträge für Abfragen zu Spezifikationsdaten, Ausschreibungen, Daten für das Krisenmanagement oder Angaben zum eigenen QM-System für die Vorauswahl eines Lieferanten. Über das integrierte Bewertungssystem können Sie Dienstleister und Lieferanten auch bewerten und als zugelassen oder nicht zugelassen einstufen.
Yes. The service management section is one of many great features of awenko:360. Plan tasks for all sections of your company, including maintenance tasks for the technical departments. You can enter dates, photographs, location details and information about the machine into the maintenance checklist. The same information can also be added directly to a photograph or attached outline. When repairs become necessary, you can use the maintenance checklist to generate a ticket in the system, which is then transmitted to the competent employee.
Yes. The customer service form allows you to carry out anonymous surveys easily, using either a link on your website or a QR code. You can also use the surveys to inform your customers about products and auctions. awenko:360 saves the results automatically and makes them available in a tabular format.
Yes. Just set up a form for internal and external returns. You can specify who will receive and process the forms in what order.
Yes. For every value to be recorded, you can specify an acceptable range in advance and tell the system what to consider deviations and faults, respectively. We recommend that you also specify instructions for immediate and subsequent measures for the competent user. If a value deviates from its target range, awenko:360 will document all processes in a clear and transparent format.
Yes. You can use interfaces to import data from merchandise management systems (such as SAP, Microsoft Navision etc.). This allows you to access e.g. item, supplier and customer data for use in forms and audits.
Yes. You can edit any recorded value at any time. Employees can only do so if they have the corresponding rights. Once recorded, the values are not overwritten. They are saved in a edit history that lists the reason for every modification.

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Other use cases for awenko:360

  • Incoming/outgoing goods, inventories

  • Production and line controls

  • Reserve sample lists

  • Training

  • Fault protocols and repair reports

  • Factory tours

  • Internal and supplier audits

  • Returns

  • Service and maintenance

  • Test equipment monitoring and calibration

  • Cleaning documentation

  • Glass and plastic register