System requirements:
Flexibly adapted to your needs.

Whether HOSTING or ON PREMISSES installation

Choose what works best for YOUR needs

Hosting: awenko: 360 as SaaS solution.

If you decide for our hosting version, the start is particularly easy. You need a computer with which you can go online. Buy or Rent - both works.

After setting up your user account, your user data will give you access to the office and web application.

We support the latest versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, MS Edge, Safari, - most of the others work as well.

Data protection (backups), virus protection and the installation of program updates, patches and hot fixes are included in the hosting.

Capture data mobile with the awenko: 360 app.

If you also want to capture mobile and offline data, you need our awenko: 360 app. The following information is minimum values.


iOS: 15.8.x, 16.7.x, 17.3.    RAM: 2 GB    z.B. iPad, iPad Mini oder iPhone


Ein Gerät mit Version 11 oder höher .   RAM: Mindestens 2 GB oder höher,   CPU: Wir empfehlen Quad-Cores ab 1,5 GHz.

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You have decided to buy and host awenko:360 on your server?
The installation is carried out by remote maintenance on your prepared server.

Our recommended minimum system requirements (or higher):


  • Windows Server 2016 oder neuere Versionen
  • MS SQL Server 2016 Standard mit Service Pack 3 oder neuere Versionen
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
  • Processor = QuadCore from 2 GHz
  • Memory = at least 16 GB, in order to be able to assign at least 12 GB to the SQL server
  • Festplattenspeicher für Datenbanken: stark abhängig vom Nutzungsverhalten  – Empfehlung > 50 GB Zusätzlich ist zu empfehlen, dass die Datenbank auf einem separaten Datenträger liegt und nicht direkt auf dem Systemdatenträger (C:)


  • Windows Server 2016 oder neuere Versionen 
  • Microsoft IIS 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 & .net 8
  • Processor = QuadCore from 2 GHz
  • Memory = at least 8 GB
  • Hard disk space for the web server application: 10 GB
  • Festplattenspeicher für Fotodokumentation / Dateien: stark abhängig vom Nutzungsverhalten (Empfehlung mindestens 100 GB)Zusätzlich ist zu empfehlen, dass die Applikationen und Daten auf einem separaten Datenträger abgelegt werden und nicht direkt auf dem Systemdatenträger (C:)

These two logical servers (SQL + IIS) may also be installed together on a Windows server. For heavy use, however, the separate installation is recommended. Operation in virtual environments is possible and recommended. With corresponding Microsoft server versions, the system can also be run clustered.

Für  die  Mail-Benachrichtigungen  benötigt  awenko:360  ein  eigenes  Mailkonto  (IMAP,  SMTP, weitere auf Anfrage).

The software is used on PCs via web browser. The synchronization of mobile devices is also via the Internet Protocol. For cross-site installations, customers can access the system via VPN, intranet, and HTTPS.

The customer himself determines the level of data security, privacy and availability of the system by selecting the appropriate and desired hardware and infrastructure.

In order to meet the technical developments in the future, these system requirements may change for future versions of the program.

Google Playstore, App Store

Before you download the awenko:360 app, you should set up an awenko:360 user account.Feel free to get in touch with us.

Other use cases for awenko:360

  • Incoming/outgoing goods, inventories

  • Production and line controls

  • Reserve sample lists

  • Training

  • Fault protocols and repair reports

  • Factory tours

  • Internal and supplier audits

  • Returns

  • Service and maintenance

  • Test equipment monitoring and calibration

  • Cleaning documentation

  • Glass and plastic register